Our story

 BLEvolve.com showcases cutting edge Bluetooth Low Energy solutions.  Our current main offering is Asset Beacon, an automated asset finding and inventory tracking solution built using StickNFind BLE tags.  The Asset Beacon software can be used to quickly and easily streamline the process of finding shared-use equipment that can travel frequently between locations.

In the future, BLEvolve.com will be updated to offer other cutting-edge BLE solutions, as our software and solutions portfolio expands.

Core organizational competencies

Bluetooth Low Energy technology


Inventory Automation


Tool & Asset Finding and Tracking


Systems Integration


Reporting and Dashboards


Holistic Approach

BLEvolve features and creates systems that are a “perfect fit” for the problem domain.  We employ designers and developers with decades of experience, who are experts in Bluetooth, tracking systems, and business process analysis.

Customizable to Your Needs

Our engineers work to create flexible, extremely usable systems that can be tailored to your specific business process.  The Asset Beacon system is particularly flexible, featuring intuitive Find, Tracking, System Configuration and Data Upload/Download operations.

Loaded with Power

By using general purpose solutions which can be tailored to specific problem domains as-needed;  BLEvolve software allows us to “get it right”  with the minimum amount of expense and training.

World-class Support

All of our solutions come with ongoing user support, including email as well as phone and on-site service if necessary.  We also include all the user guides, manuals and setup scripts you need to get up and running with the minimum amount of time and expense!

Effortless Integration

Let our engineers handle your integration for you!  We have expert engineers standing by to help design, quote and build a custom integrated system specialized to your business needs, if necessary.  We also offer expert advisement on systems integration for any purpose you may have.

Quick, Courteous Response

We have staff standing by to answer your integration, install and feature questions.  With our extensive technical, service and support network we can accommodate your business, minimizing downtime and maximizing immediate ROI.