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Tab Order difficulties with IQKeyboardManager

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I *Love* IQKeyboardManager, but I was having a rough time figuring out why my “tab order” on a view with multiple UITextFields seemed incorrect.  When pressing the “>”  and “<”  buttons that IQKeyboardManager adds to the standard keyboard, the right UITextFields where not being selected, in order.

It took me a while to find a fix, but it turns out if you look at your “Scene” listing for the Storyboard, you can reorder the UITextFields (see image below).

IQKeyboardManager, ios, xcode, swift

Setting tab order with IQKeyboardManager

Once you get them in the right order (by clicking and dragging the field names to the left of the red arrows shown above), your tab order should work correctly.

Are you having issues with IQKeyboardManager, or maybe just love it to death (like I do)?  Let us know in the comment section below!