A Mobile BLE auto-id and item finding app

The Asset Beacon application was created to make finding your companies computers, servers, multimeters, specialty measuring devices and other high-value assets easy.  The Asset Beacon software creates a high visibility portal for object data and related tracking activities.

Our Approach

We used Apple iPod 5+/iPhone 4S+ devices and the Swift programming language to create an identification system using the consumer available StickNFind tags.  We provide a system that can guarantee unique IDs for each tag, as well as allow the “Lights and Sound” (built in to the StickNFind tags) to alert the user to its location.  We also provided a targeted tracking and reporting system that is easy to use and effective.

Expert Locationing

Get distance, location, battery, temperature and custom attribute info instantly.  Never be lost without your tools or valuable assets again.

Peace of Mind

Know where your assets are, where they have been, and who last spotted them.  Event history and reporting allows you to trace them every step of the way.

World-Class Support Network

We can support any level of organization or use case.  Asset Beacon, along with a Support Contract, can be tailored to your companies needs.  If you need training, consulting, or software customization, we are here and awaiting your inquiry!

Timely Updates

We take pride in the speed of our system updates.  The Asset Beacon system can often see multiple releases per month!  Our team priorities system quality, and each release is rigorously tested to validate functionality and verify correct operation.

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Intelligent, effortless data sync

Designed by seasoned network and data-flow experts

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A Complete Asset & LocationTracking Solution

Intelligent, effortless data sync

Designed by seasoned network & data-flow experts

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